Why you should join NISA

NISA is an important initiative and a central association for companies, organizations, authorities, investors and individuals who share the interest of getting renewable and sustainable fuels onto the market.

Many of NISA’s members have long track records in advocating for the development of sustainable aviation fuel on a national as well as international level.

Memberships and financial contributions are to further help to qualify and promote the development.

NISA advocates:

  •   The development of sustainable aviation fuels is an environmentally friendly, economic and necessary way to go

  •   Spreading knowledge and information on the importance of sustainable fuels to decision-makers and to the public

  •   Affect the development of the political steering instruments for the sector

  •   Increase development and export possibilities of Nordic cleantech technology

  •   Encourage and initiate research and development in the bioenergy sector.

Member Benefits

It is NISA’s task to coordinate and facilitate the development of sustainable biofuels in the Nordic countries.

As a member you will gain access to NISA’s network, including experts and business partners in various areas and, thus find yourself in the forefront of sustainable aviation fuel development.

As a member of NISA you will gain access to several benefits and opportunities:

 Possibilities to take part in development activities, including reports, analyses and yearly workshops or events

 Exposure at the NISA website with logo
 Access to NISA activities and participation in NISA General Assembly
 Coverage of national, Nordic and international political decision processes that affect your business operations
 Influencing the synergy processes between the actors in the biofuels market
 Stay updated on latest news related to sustainable fuel for aviation
 Participation and influence at NISA’s workshops and other events

Membership fees

The membership fee is 200€/year for individuals and 1000-5000€/year for companies and organisations depending on size and turnover.

NISA Members

Today NISA’s members include most of the aviation sector in the Nordic countries. Development and sustainable fuel solutions involve a wide range of actors from other sectors including researchers, producers, suppliers, investors, consultants, etc.

On behalf of our members, NISA strives to be a well-established organisation working to accelerate sustainable fuel solutions with good conditions and development possibilities in the Nordic countries and internationally.

Read more about our members here


NISA was founded Nov 2013 with inspiration from similar initiatives elsewhere in the world, and following a great interest among the main actors for finding sustainable solutions for the aviation sector

Membership Contacts

Martin Porsgaard, Project Manager

Email: map@nisa.dk
Phone: +45 52 19 89 10