Who we are & what we do

In 2013 Nordic stakeholders within the aviation sector joined forces to form the association NISA. The member driven organization has since then participated in development projects and collaboration with producers, researchers, developers, NGOs, and companies to pursue the sustainable agenda.

The aviation industry is committed to become emission neutral in 2050 and NISA is dedicated to facilitating and strengthening the sustainability agenda. This is achieved by organizing activities among the members, improving cooperation across the value chain, and focusing on opportunities in the Nordic region.


Among many other activities NISA has initiated analysis, research papers, projects, networks, conferences and much more on the matter. All with the aim of promoting the sustainability of aviation

Main topics

  • Sustainable aviation fuels
  • Future propulsion systems, electric, hybrid and hydrogen aircraft
  • Sustainable development at airports
  • Drones and eVTOL developments
  • Regulation and infrastructure
  • International network
  • Support R&D in sustainable solutions


The actors behind the initiative are the Nordic airports, Nordic airlines and their organizations, and the aviation authorities. The initiative is also supported by aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing.

Admission to NISA is open to companies, organizations, institutions, NGO’s, etc., taking an active part in the efforts to obtain a sustainable aviation industry, as well as supporting the sustainable aviation industry. Read more about NISA’s organization, board and members in the following.

NISA members

Air Greenland

Mads B. Christensen

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Steven Le Moing

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Atlantic Airways

William Smith

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Olav Mosvold Larsen

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Onofre Andrade

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Cph Airport

Maria Skotte 

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Cph Helicopter

Martin W. Andersen

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Danish Aviation

Per Henriksen

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Mikko Viinikainen

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Eveliina Huurre

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Jóhanna Harpa Árnadóttir

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Hrönn Ingólfsdóttir

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Camilla Treldal Jørgensen

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Arianna Baldo

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Ann-Sofie Hörlin

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Theye Veen

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Kim Houmark Hansen

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Lena Wennberg

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NISA board

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NISA welcomes new members who share the interest in getting renewable and sustainable solutions on the marked.

Read our short "flyer" about why you should join NISA, membership fees and whom to contact.

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Membership fees: € 1000 – €3500