Reports, papers and analyzes about sustainability in the aviation sector

Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation; Flying on electricity and hydrogen in Europe. AZEA, June 2024

RSB Handbook; Power-to-X in the sustainable transition. RSB, August 2023 

Nordregio Working Paper 2023:5; Overwiev of Electricity and Energy Capacity for the Establishment of Electric Aviation Routes in the Nordic Region, May 2023

Nordregio Working Paper 2023:4; Electric Aviation Outlook in the Nordics, April 2023

Nordregio Working Paper 2023:3; Implementing Electric Aviation: Critical Factors and Relevant Policy Instruments, Marts 2023

Techical Study; Electric Aviaiton in 2022, Luke Shadbolt on behalf of all HDI, April 2022

Green Power Denmark: Grøn omstilling af luftfarten med PtX-brændstoffer, Sep 2022

EU Parliament Rapporteur on Aviation Refuel, Feb 2022

Guidelines for a Sustainable Aviation Fuel Blending Mandate in Europe, July 2021

Eurocontrol: Flying the perfect ”green flight", April 2021

Clean skies for tomorrow: Sustainable Aviation Fuel Policy Toolkit, Nov 2021

Decarbonising Air Transport, July 2021

Forslag til program for introduksjon av elektrifiserte fly i kommersiell luftfart, Avinor, 2020

Nordic Sustainable Aviation, 2020

Sustainable jetfuel for aviation. An update on the Nordic perspectives, Jan 2020

Aviation electrofuel, the green fuel of the future, Oct 2019

Nordic GTL – a pre-feasibility study on sustainable aviation fuel, Oct 2019

Aviation Biofuels Workshop, Nov 2018

Sustainable jet fuel for aviation, Nordic Report by Nordic Energy Research 2017

More focus on sustainable fuel for aviation, Sep 2016

The IATA Report on Alternative Fuels. Recent developments in alternative aviation fuels, Dec 2015

Pursuing Aviation Biofuels, Master Theses, Sep 2014

Biofules production in Sweden, Master Theses, Sep 2014

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Slutrapport Swedavia, Sweden, 2014